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Huion GT-190S Review

The Huion GT-190S is a tablet display from Huion that aims to offer a lot of the same features of other tablet displays at a substantially lower price.Let’s see if that holds true or it Huion has cut too many corners to make this tablet

Huion GT-185HD Review

The Huion GT-185HD is a tablet display from Huion that aims to create a low-cost alternative for artists looking for a tablet display.Let’s see if it holds true to that or if it stumbles on the way.Initial ImpressionsThe Huion GT-185HD tablet came with the tablet itself,

Huion H420 Review

The Huion H420 is a budget tablet from Huion that seems to be aimed towards consumers with a shoestring budget.Let’s take a look at the Huion H420 and see if it fits the bill for artists looking for an affordable tablet.Initial Impressions The Huion H420 comes packaged

Huion 1060 PLUS Review

!! THERE IS A NEW MODEL FOR THIS TABLET !!The Huion 1060 PLUS is a tablet by Huion with the tagline of having large amounts of customization opportunities. Let’s see if this tablet is a good and stable option for artists looking for an affordable option.Initial ImpressionsThe

Huion DWH69 Review

The Huion DWH69 is a tablet from Huion aimed at buyers looking for a tablet in the lower-going-into-mid-range of tablets. This can include hobbyists as well as working professional artists.Let’s see if the Huion DWH69 is worth the price and if it has enough features