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Ugee 1910B Review

Ugee that aims to give artists a cheaper alternative to a Cintiq display.Is the Ugee 1910B a worthy contender? Let’s find out!Initial ImpressionsThe Ugee 1910B came with the tablet itself, TWO pens, one VGA, USB and power cables, two pen charging cables, one pen holder and

Ugee G3 Review

The Ugee G3 is a tablet by Ugee that aims to give beginner artists a great first venture into digital drawing without the premium price.Let’s see if that ends up being the case or if Ugee fails to deliver on these promises.Initial ImpressionsThe Ugee G3

Ugee G5 Review

The Ugee G5 is a tablet by Ugee that aims to give beginner artists a quality gateway into the world of drawing tablets at a low price.Let’s see if that’s the case of if Ugee has cut too many corners to make the Ugee G5

Ugee 2150 Review

The Ugee 2150 is a tablet display by Ugee aimed at professional artists looking for an affordable alternative to Wacom’s Cintiq line.Let’s see if this tablet display is a worthy competitor or if bigger companies like Wacom are really as unchallenged as some might suggest.Initial ImpressionsThe