Wacom Cintiq 22HD Review

The Wacom Cintiq 22HD is a tablet display from Wacom that is considered by many to be THE definitive tablet for professional artists.Let’s see if this title is well-deserved or if the industry bias is glossing over some issues.Initial Impressions The Wacom Cintiq 22HD came with the

Huion H420 Review

The Huion H420 is a budget tablet from Huion that seems to be aimed towards consumers with a shoestring budget.Let’s take a look at the Huion H420 and see if it fits the bill for artists looking for an affordable tablet.Initial Impressions The Huion H420 comes packaged

Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is an Android tablet by Samsung that is aimed at being a one-in-all solution for consumers.This means that along with getting a tablet you can create art on, you’re also getting a bunch of other features that encompass other tablets

Huion 1060 PLUS Review

!! THERE IS A NEW MODEL FOR THIS TABLET !!The Huion 1060 PLUS is a tablet by Huion with the tagline of having large amounts of customization opportunities. Let’s see if this tablet is a good and stable option for artists looking for an affordable option.Initial ImpressionsThe

Huion DWH69 Review

The Huion DWH69 is a tablet from Huion aimed at buyers looking for a tablet in the lower-going-into-mid-range of tablets. This can include hobbyists as well as working professional artists.Let’s see if the Huion DWH69 is worth the price and if it has enough features