Huion 680s Review

The Huion 680s is a graphics tablet by Huion that aims to give beginner artists and artists on a budget a good tablet at a competitive price.

Let's see if this is the case or if there's a graphics tablet out there that is more worthy of your money.

Huion 680s Specifications

Minimum System RequirementsWindows XP or OS X 10.8.0
Model Number680S
Size12.6 x 10.0 in
Active Area8.0 x 6.0 in
Express KeysNo
Spare Nibs8
Pressure Levels2048
Wireless SupportNo
Resolution4000 lpi
Pen Reading Speed200 rps
Warranty1 year

Initial Impressions

The Huion 680s came packaged with the tablet itself, stylus, pen holder, tablet drivers and tabletHuion 680s documentation.

There were problems setting up this graphics tablet with the included drivers, which means they were probably outdated.

Not to worry though, you can always just download the drivers from Huion's site. Just click on the "Download" tab.

This method usually works when dealing with buggy drivers. Just make sure to delete any old drivers you might have on your PC before installing new ones.

The downloaded drivers worked well, so we can go ahead and get on to the review.

The Tablet

The Huion 680s came with an active area of 8.0 x 6.0 inches, which is average to slightly below average when it comes to active area sizes.

The tablet surface was very smooth but there was a distinct "glassy" feel to it on touch. This glassy texture meant that the Huion 680s was fairly prone to scratches from use with the stylus, which may be something to consider when making your decision about this graphics tablet. Huion 680sThere are some graphics tablet surface covers out there but I haven't been able to find one for this specific model.

You may have to improvise if you want to protect the Huion 680s from any unwanted scratches.

The Huion 680s is a wired graphics tablet so your range of movement when using it is limited to the length of the USB cable. The cable length on this model was 5 ft long, which may be good for a lot of people but those with unique setups may find the length to be a bit too short. I personally found myself aware of this tablet's tether to the computer a few times but for the most part I was able to draw without feeling restrained by the cable.

The Stylus

The stylus that came with the Huion 680s came with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity for a good variety of line weights.

I experienced no problems with input lag or jitters, which is obviously a very good sign! There was however a  brief problem with the stylus making a slight squeaking sound on the tablet surface due to the glassy texture Huion 680son the tablet surface. This problem subsided after some use once the nib of the stylus had worn down a bit.

This stylus required a single AAA battery, which is always a pain for me since as most people know you're never able to find a battery when you need it the most.

Fortunately you won't have to worry about changing this battery too often as I've found that the battery life for this stylus is superb. I've gotten more than 50 hours of work out of this one battery and the stylus has no indication of giving out just yet. I'd keep an extra AAA battery in a drawer somewhere just in case, though.

Art's Assessment

The Huion 680s is a fairly good graphics tablet with a few flaws worth mentioning.

The tablet came with an active area of 8.0 x 6.0 inches, which is fairly average to slightly below average for a graphics tablet. The tablet surface was smooth but the glassy texture made the surface prone to scratches. The USB cable that came with the Huion 680s had a length of 5 ft, which should be enough for most people with standard computer setups.

The stylus that came with the Huion 680s came with 2048 levels of pressure for a good variety of line weights. There was an initial problem with the stylus making a squeaking sound when coming in contact with the tablet surface,Huion 680s but this wore off once the nib on the pen was worn down a bit. The pen required a AAA battery to function but has a very long battery life so you won't have to worry about changing batteries out too frequently.

The Huion 680s is a good tablet for beginners and is definitely worth the price for someone looking to "get the feel" of working on a tablet without having to break the bank. There are however better tablets out there for only a bit more price-wise that offer a lot more than this tablet does. Some are included in the related posts shown in the sidebar.

4.1 out of 5.0 – Fantastic

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