Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a tablet-to-laptop that can also be used as a drawing tablet by savvy artists who are always on the go.

Let's see if this tablet is a robust option for artists or if this would be better suited for someone looking for a general tablet.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Specifications

Camera Resolution5.0 MP Rear Camera
TypeCommercial Tablet
ConnectionsUSB, MicroSD
OSWindows 8.1 Pro(Free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro)
Model NumberMQ2-00001
Size11.5 x 7.9 in
Storage128 GB
Pressure Levels256
Resolution2160 x 1440
Warranty1 year

Initial Impressions

The Microsoft SurfaMicrosoft Surface Pro 3ce Pro 3 came packaged with the tablet itself, a power adapter, stylus and pen loop.

This tablet has a great sleek design with a decently-sized display screen that's just begging to be drawn on.

Let's see if that's really the case.

The Tablet

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has a 11.5 x 7.9 inch display that is a decent size for drawing on.

The screen on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has a nice gloss to it, but the gloss is so much that it makes the tablet display have a bit of a reflectiMicrosoft Surface Pro 3ve quality to it. I found that messing around with the brightness settings helped somewhat in this regard, but I still feel like it was worth mentioning.

The tablet also comes with an adjustable stand that you can use to set up the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 wherever you want.

The battery life on the tablet was another great thing I noticed. I was able to get around 5-6 hours of continuous use out of this thing.

These two featuMicrosoft Surface Pro 3res are great and really add to the portability which I believe is the biggest selling point for this tablet.

Another big feature for this tablet is the fact that it can be converted into a laptop through the use of some accessories. The Type Cover gives the tablet a keyboard and the Surface Dock gives your tablet extra ports to connect devices to your tablet/laptop. This is great for someone that is looking for an all-in-one solution but for artists that just want a portable tablet just the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and the stylus that comes with it seem good enough.

The Stylus

The stylus that came with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was attached magnetically to the side of the tablet. This is great, now I know it'll always be there when I need it.

The pen is powered by a AAAA battery that lasted about a month before I had to change it out for a new one. This might be a hassle for some pMicrosoft Surface Pro 3eople who are used to pens from companies like Wacom(Seriously, all tablets should be battery-free!). That being said the battery gives the stylus a good weight to it and it feels great in your hand when you go to draw.

The stylus also only came with 256 levels of pressure but it actually controlled very well and I was able to get a good variety of line weight.

One bad thing I noticed about the pen was the fact that the nib on the end of the stylus seemed to wear away fairly quickly. After a few months of use I found myself having to pick away small strands from the tip of stylus as the nib wore away. Replacement nibs are a bit hard to find and a replacement stylus is fairly expensive.

You might find yourself having to dig into your pocket in a few months for a few nibs or a new stylus.

Art's Assessment

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 certainly has its pros and cons as a tablet.

The tablet has a great stand that can be used to prop up your tablet and draw anywhere on the fly. You can convert this tablet into a laptop with some added accessories which are sold separately. The screen on the tablet is a bit reflective but you can adjust the brightness of the laptop to get a clearer picture.

The pen came attached to the side of the tablet with magnets. Just remember to always snap it back onto the side and you'll never loMicrosoft Surface Pro 3se it! One bad thing about the stylus is that it has a AAAA battery that'll you will have to switch out every month or two. This battery gives the stylus it's weight, however which makes it feel nice in your hand. The stylus only has 256 levels of pressure but it still performs fairly well.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a great tablet for buyers who want a portable laptop. However, an artist who is looking for primarily a drawing tablet may want to reconsider.

If a person were to really want a tablet of this nature for drawing, I would suggest looking into the Surface Pro 4.

3.7 out of 5.0 – Average

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