NEW Huion 1060 PLUS Review

The NEW Huion 1060 PLUS is(as the name would suggest) the new model for the Huion 1060 PLUS, aimed at artists looking for a tablet with a good amount of customization options at a competitive price.

Let's see this upgrade if worth it or if Huion skipped out on the new features in this model.

NEW Huion 1060 PLUS Specifications

Minimum System RequirementsWindows XP or OS X 10.8.0
Model Number1060PLUS
Size16.5 x 10.0 in
Active Area10.0 x 6.25 in
Express KeysYes, 12
Spare Nibs5
Pressure Levels2048
Wireless SupportNo
Resolution5080 lpi
Pen Reading Speed233 rps
Warranty1 year

Initial Impressions

The NEW Huion 1060 PLUS came packaged with the tablet itself, rechargeable stylus, microUSB cable, charging cable for pen, pen stand and tablet documentation.

Huion has also included twoNEW Huion 1060 PLUS free gifts: a Huion artist glove and a carrying case.

This tablet is definitely slimmer than the previous model, I can see this being much more portable! Other than that, the appearance of this model is fairly similar to the older model.

Alright, let's get onto the review.

The Tablet

The NEW Huion 1060 PLUS now comes with a full-surface active area, allowing for more room to draw on than the older model.

It would be a stretch to say it was an astonishingly large differenceNEW Huion 1060 PLUS in the active area of this new model, but it's enough to be mentioned in this review. Either way, it's always better to have more room to draw. I don't see how that could possibly be a negative.

Just like the previous model, the NEW Huion 1060 PLUS came with 12 programmable express keys. Like I said in my review of that model, I think this is the perfect amount of express keys to work with, but this time Huion has made it even better! The express keys in this new model are quieter and even a bit more responsive. While this wasn't really an issue in the previous model, I did find that having to press down less on the keys to get them working made for faster editing.

The new microUSB cable included with the NEW Huion 1060 NEW Huion 1060 PLUSPLUS was a bit more flimsy than the regular USB cable shipped with the older model. It wasn't completely awful but I felt less secure about how this cable would be holding up in a years time than with the cable included in the other Huion 1060 PLUS model. It's not a deal-breaker but if you want a more secure cable you could always invest in a braided microUSB cable.

The Stylus

The stylus included with the NEW Huion 1060 PLUS was very similar to the one included with the olderNEW Huion 1060 PLUS model.

The pressure sensitivity was about the same at 2048 levels and if there was an improvement in the overall sensitivity when drawing with this stylus, it was minimal.

That being said, the stylus included in the older model of this tablet was great and I'm fine with this model being similar to the pen bundled with that tablet.

Like with other pens by Huion, this stylus requires charging through an included USB cable to be able to function. Also like with other pens by Huion, NEW Huion 1060 PLUSthough, a few hours of charging will give you a very generous amount of time for drawing when using this stylus. I charged this stylus for about 6 hours while using my computer and I've gotten over one week of drawing time without having to charge it again. Just plug this stylus in when you're not using it and you won't have any problems with this stylus running out of juice on you.

The stylus came with two programmable buttons that can be programmed using the drivers included with the tablet, similar to the express keys. While there are less options for customization than with the express keys on the tablet, these buttons are always useful for issuing quick commands while drawing.NEW Huion 1060 PLUS As you can see in the picture to the right, the drivers also include things like pressure tests to help you calibrate your pen for optimal results when drawing.

The pen holder included with the stylus was fairly basic but serves it's purpose and provides a nice place for storing the included spare nibs for your stylus. The pen holder isn't needed as much considering the NEW Huion 1060 PLUS now includes a small sleeve to hold your stylus when not in use but it's nice to have regardless.

The pen holder follows my personal pet-peeve of holding the stylus horizontally instead of vertically, but that's more of a nitpick than anything else.

Art's Assessment

The NEW Huion 1060 PLUS is similar to the OLD Huion 1060 PLUS in most ways.

The active area now covers the full-surface of the tablet so there is more room to draw, though it admittedly isn't much of a difference. The tablet came with 12 programmable express keys that are quieter and are a bit more responsive than the previous model of the tablet. The microUSB cable included with the tablet was a bit flimsy, but you can always upgrade to a braided microUSB cable if it becomes a real problem.

The stylus that came withNEW Huion 1060 PLUS the NEW Huion 1060 PLUS had about the same pressure sensitivity as the older stylus, at about 2048 levels of pressure. Like with other Huion pens, the stylus requires charging for use. Thankfully a few hours of charging will give you plenty of time to work with this stylus. The pen also came with two programmable buttons that can be programmed using the included drivers. The pen holder included with the stylus was fairly basic and the new sleeve attached to the tablet makes the pen holder a little obsolete.

Overall, the NEW Huion 1060 PLUS is definitely not worth upgrading to from your older model Huion 1060 PLUS, but I would definitely recommend getting this model over the older one if you're looking for a new tablet.

It is a solid tablet that improved some of the minor problems that the older one had.

4.5 out of 5.0 – Fantastic

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