Turcom TS-6540 Review

The Turcom TS-6540 is a tablet by Turcom that aims to give beginner artists a good tablet to begin their digital drawing journey with!

Let's see if that's the case or if Turcom just isn't equipped to handle the needs of a beginner artist.

Turcom TS-6540 Specifications

Minimum System RequirementsWindows 7 or OS X 10.10.0
Model NumberTS-6540
Size8.6 x 5.5 in
Active Area5.5 x 4.0 in
Express KeysNo
Spare Nibs4
Pressure Levels2048
Wireless SupportNo
Resolution4000 lpi
Pen Reading Speed200 rps
Warranty30 day return

Initial Impressions

The Turcom TS-6540 came with the tablet itself, stylus, pen holder, USB cable and tablet documentation.

The setup was very easy and I had no problems getting everything up and running.

Let's get onto the review!

The Tablet

The Turcom TS-6540 came with a fairly small active area of 5.5 x 4.0 inches.

I'll just say this off the bat, I had a problem with running out of roTurcom TS-6540om to draw on this tablet. This meant I had to move the tablet around a lot, which meant I wasted a lot of time.

The tablet surface was a bit rough but it worked well for drawing so I have no complaints in that department.

There were no express keys included on this tablet, so if you're looking for the abilities to use your shortcuts in a flash you may want to look at other tablets in this price-range.

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The Stylus

The stylus that came with the Turcom TS-6540 was a lot larger than some other pens I've used in the past.

The grip on this pen was great and it really felt fantastic drawing on this thing. My only issTurcom TS-6540ue is that it may be a little too large for some users. I have fairly large hands so naturally a larger stylus would feel better in my hands than someone with smaller hands. Just keep that in mind when deciding whether or not to buy this tablet.

A problem with this stylus is that the pressure sensitivity is a bit too sensitive. This stylus picks up EVERYTHING! While this is good in the sense that everything will be accurately depicted on the computer, the downside is that tiny mistakes are always registered. You'll be erasing a lot on this tablet!

The pen also slightly scratches the surface of the tablet when it's being drawn on. It's not necessarily a gigantic issue but there were some noticeable scratches on the tablet surface after a few weeks of use.

Lastly, the stylus is powered by a AAA battery which means you'll have to switch out the batteries every once and a while or you might end up with a dead stylus!

The battery also adds a bit more weight to the pen, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your preferences.

Art's Assessment

The Turcom TS-6540 is a tablet that has many problems, especially when compared to other tablets in a similar price-range.

The tablet had an active area of 5.5 x 4.0 inches, which is fairly sTurcom TS-6540mall for a drawing tablet. The surface of the tablet was a bit rough but the stylus worked great on it so it's wasn't a big deal. There were no express keys on the tablet, which is always a disappointing for someone like me who loves them!

The stylus that came with the Turcom TS-6540 was fairly large, which is good for someone like me who has large hands. Maybe not so much for a person with hands on the smaller side. The pressure sensitivity on the pen is a bit too sensitive. You'll find yourself erasing a lot on this tablet! The stylus also slightly scratches the tablet surface when being drawn on and after a few weeks there were visible scratches on the tablet. The pen was powered by a AAA battery which means you'll need to switch them out every once and a while. This also adds a bit of weight to the stylus, which may or may not be good depending on your personal preference.

The Turcom TS-6540 is not would I call my first choice for a beginners tablet.

2.9 out of 5.0 – Below Average

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