Turcom TS-6580B Review

The Turcom TS-6580B is a low end tablet from Turcom that aims to provide a low-cost graphics tablet option to buyers while trying to keep the essential components that make up a graphics tablet in place.

Let's see if you get enough bang for you buck, or is the Turcom TS-6580B's low cost too good to be true.

Turcom TS-6580B Specifications

TypePressure-sensitive, battery-free
Minimum System RequirementsWindows 2000 - Windows 7 or OS X 10.3.5+
Model NumberTS-6580B
Size14.5 x 12.0 in
Active Area8.0 x 5.0 in
Express KeysNo
Spare Nibs4
Pressure Levels2048
Wireless SupportNo
Resolution4000 lpi
Pen Reading Speed200 rps
Warranty1 year

Initial Impressions

The first thing I noticed about the Turcom TS-6580B was the large amount of space the tablet had for a tablet of this price. The pacTurcom TS-6580Bkaging was fairly nice and the setup was fairly easy.

Along with the graphics tablet and the stylus the Turcom TS-6580B also came with a pen holder with 3 extra nibs inside.

The pen holder seemed sturdy enough and held the pen fairly well even though it held it horizontally.

The Tablet

The Turcom TS-6580B tablet has a slim black body and a large acTurcom TS-6580Btive area of 8.0 x 5.0 inches. This active area is really great for a tablet of this price and was a welcome feature.

My thinking is that they were able to achieve this active area size by not adding any express or hotkeys to the tablet. This is a bit of a letdown since I usually use hotkeys when using my tablets as they were usually faster than using my keyboard or mouse. Buyers that don't mind this though may actually like that the omission of these allowed for an active area that is larger than usual.

I founTurcom TS-6580Bd that the Turcom TS-6580B's tablet surface was unpleasantly slippery. I haven't gotten to the stylus yet, but I can't see how I'll be able to accurately draw on this surface. The surface almost feels as slick as glass, and I definitely don't see myself drawing on glass anytime soon.

The plastic around the tablet also felt cheap and a bit flimsy, but not enough that it would break in half if you dropped it or something.

The Stylus

The Turcom TS-6580B comes packaged with a stylus that has more bad than good features. Firstly, the pen is powered by a AAA battery which for me would cause extreme headaches with constant use. I already get mad when my remote or video game console controller runs out of juice and there's no batteries around and this just seems like another opportunity to be surprised when my device runs out of battery. Of cTurcom TS-6580Bourse the devil's advocate would say that all that was needed was for you to always have a supply of batteries at the ready, but the one time you forget to pick them up at the grocery store could cost you your tablet until you go out again.

The pen was also EXTREMELY light. In fact, it felt like the battery was the entire weight of the pen. This combined with the slippery surface of the tablet makes the Turcom TS-6580B's stylus kind of hard to control.

This was a bit of a disappointment for me because if the pen wasn't so light I think I would've actually sort of liked how it felt in my hand. The grip on the pen is pretty good and the two programmable buttons are easily accessible.

The feeling of the pen was that cheap type of plastic that is common in low end tablets, so I wasn't too surprised by this. I was surprised, however by the fact that the power button was stuck on the "on" position. After lookTurcom TS-6580Bing at reviews online, it seemed like this is a common problem and to avoid draining the battery life it is advised to that buyers unscrew the pen and remove the battery when not in use.

The biggest positive about this stylus is the pressure sensitivity of it. For this price range a pen with 2048 levels of pressure is really impressive. When I was able to keep the pen steady it registered very well on the tablet and it never really lagged for me in the time I was testing it out.

It seems like if several adjustments were made to this pen could be very good, but these oversights cause the pen to cause too many annoyances to really be bothered with.

Art's Assessment

The Turcom TS-6580B offers a low price but at the cost of creating a product with a lot of problems.

The tablet is too slippery for the pen to work propTurcom TS-6580Berly on and the pen itself has its problems such as being way too light and sometimes having malfunctions with the power indicator.

I'm cutting this tablet some slack because of the price, but rest assured if this tablet was higher priced it'd be rated lower.

If you're running on a shoestring budget it might work for you as a first-time tablet, but I would consider spending a bit more for another tablet in the ~100 USD range.

3.4 out of 5.0 - Average

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