Ugee HK1060 Review

The Ugee HK1060 is a tablet by Ugee that aims to give artists a reliable tablet with many customization options at an affordable price.

Let's see if that's the case or if Ugee cut a few corners to bring the price down.

Ugee HK1060 Specifications

Minimum System RequirementsWindows XP or OS X
Model NumberHK1060 Pro
Size15.3 x 10.1 in
Active Area10.0 x 6.0 in
Express KeysYes, 8
Spare Nibs8
Pressure Levels2048
Wireless SupportNo
Resolution5080 lpi
Pen Reading Speed230 rps
Warranty1 year

Initial Impressions

The Ugee HK1060 came with the tablet itself, stylus, pen holder, tablet drivers and tablet Ugee HK1060documentation.

The setup was fairly easy and I had no problems whatsoever. Just as always make sure to delete any other drivers from your computer before installing drivers for another tablet.

Since there were no issues to note when setting this tablet up, we can get on to the review.

The Tablet

The Ugee HK1060 came with a fairly good active area of 10.0 x 6.0 inches, which will give most users more than enough room to draw with Ugee HK1060comfortably.

Even someone like me who has larger hands had a comfortable time using this tablet, so you normal-handed folk should have an even better experience.

Speaking of the tablet surface, it was very smooth and I'm interested to see how the stylus will work on this tablet.

The microUSB cable that came with this tablet was very sturdy while also being able to be taken out easily. There have been a few tablets with microUSB connections that Ugee HK1060easily fell out and caused an annoyance but thankfully this was not one of them. This cable only comes out when you want it to!

The Ugee HK1060 also came with eight programmable express keys that could be programmed to execute shortcuts quickly using the drivers included with the tablet. If you've read any other my other reviews you'll know that I absolutely look express keys and can never have enough of them. That being said, I think eight is the perfect number for the average user and I'm glad Ugee decided to add this many to their tablet.

I thought there might be a problem with the buttons getting in the way of drawing since I'm left-handed, but there were no problems with this.

The Stylus

The stylus that came with the Ugee HK1060 had a great sturdy feel to it.

This sturdiness was complimented by the smoothness in which this pen glided across the tablet surface when drawing.

The only problem with this is that this caused the pen nib on the stylus to wear out fairly quickly. Luckily Ugee has included eight replacement nibs for the stylus, so you won't have any problems running out of nibs for some time.

The stylus was powered by a AAA battery, which was a little disappointing for me. With more and more tablet manufactures taking on Wacom's battery-free stylus design, it seems almost barbaric to have to keep a spare AAA battery around for whenever your stylus runs out of juice. That being said, the stylus seems to have a fairly good battery life. I think you'll get one or two months usage out of each battery before having to replace it.

The extra weight provided by the battery also seemed to provide Ugee HK1060some of the aforementioned "sturdiness" in the pen, so there's that too.

A problem I found with this stylus is that the buttons on the side of the pen were easily mis-clicked when drawing due to their placement. This was more of an annoyance than anything but it takes away from your productivity when you constantly have to keep pressing undo because of this problem.

An easy solution is to just not program this buttons at all; you already have all the express keys you could need on the tablet itself anyway.

Art's Assessment

The Ugee HK1060 is a great tablet with only a few small inconveniences.

The tablet came with a fairly good active area of 10.0 x 6.0 inches and a nice smooth surface to work on. The miniUSB cable fit very well and was sturdy while also being able to be taken out easily. The eight programmable express keys were a great addition and seemed to be the perfect amount for the average artist.

The stylus that came with the Ugee HK1060 was fairly responsive and glided smoothly over the tablet surface. This however caused the penUgee HK1060 nibs to wear out easily, but seeing as Ugee included eight spare nibs with the tablet you won't have to worry about running out. The pen was powered by a AAA battery meaning you'll have to switch it out for a new one every other month or so. The buttons on the side of the pen were placed in an awkward position so it was very easy to press them by mistake. It would be a good idea just to use the express keys on the tablet.

The Ugee HK1060 is a great option for beginners looking for their first tablet as well as veterans looking for a new one.

4.6 out of 5.0 – Fantastic

3 thoughts on “Ugee HK1060 Review”

  1. Jacqueline Brooks says:

    I have a real beginner’s question. When I draw on the tablet does my drawing show on the tablet or do I look at the pc monitor to see the drawing

    1. Art says:

      On this tablet specifically you’ll have to look at your computer monitor to see any lines you make using the tablet. However, there are other tablets with built-in displays that allow you to view the drawing on the tablet itself rather than having to look at your computer monitor.

      – Art

  2. Dan Gorman says:

    I have one of these tablets and this is a very accurate review. The tablet surface itself has a little bit more give to it than I’d like.. and because of that, the pressure sensitivity doesn’t seem to be quite as responsive as a higher end drawing tablet. I’m also not crazy about the sound the pen makes dragging around this surface.. but that’s just a nit-picky thing. For the price, this tablet will get the job done. You won’t go wrong if you pick one up.

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