XP-Pen G430 Review

The XP-Pen G430 is a graphics tablet by XP-Pen that aims to offer a simple, affordable option for first-time tablet users.

Let's see if that's the case or if there's just not enough in this tablet to make it worth your while.

XP-Pen G430 Specifications

Minimum System RequirementsWindows Vista or OS X 10.7.0
Model NumberStarG430
Size8.7 x 4.8 in
Active Area4.0 x 3.0 in
Express KeysNo
Spare Nibs10
Pressure Levels2048
Wireless SupportNo
Resolution5080 lpi
Pen Reading Speed220 rps
Warranty1 year

Initial Impressions

The XP-Pen G430 came packaged with the tablet itself, battery-free pen, pen-clipper, replacement nibs and tablet documentation.

You don't technically need to install any drivers to use this graphics XP-Pen G430tablet but it'll help improve the responsiveness of the tablet, so I think it's worth the install.

The tablet drivers for the XP-Pen G430 can be found on XP-Pen's site, so if you get this tablet make sure to download those drivers! Setting up the drivers was fairly easy and gave me more options for customizing several of the tablet's features.

Alright, now that that's all set up, let's get on to the review!

The Tablet

The XP-Pen G430 came with an active area of only 4.0 x 3.0 inches, making this is very small graphics tablet to draw on.

The surface itself had a very smooth finish that I feel will be very nice to draw on; we'll see once we get to the stylus section of this review. The tablet was also very thin, making it easily portable and store-able but also making it more prone to accidents. I'm not sure this graphics tablet would survive an accidental stepping on! I think that the XP-Pen XP-Pen G430G430 can be a good graphics tablet for artists looking to learn how to use tablets without having to spend 60+ dollars on a larger tablet.

The XP-Pen G430 came with no express keys, which I was expecting based on the size of the tablet. There's just no room to put any buttons on this thing without having them get in the way while drawing. While this is disappointing, I'd rather there be no express keys than have express keys that just annoy you.

Luckily there seem to be buttons on the stylus, which I'll get more into in the next part of this review.

The Stylus

The stylus that came with the XP-Pen G430 came with 2048 levels of pressure for a good variety of line weights.

However, the responsiveness of this stylus was only so-so. I found myself having problems with jitters and occasional problems with lag. When the pen was working the pen quality was fairly good, it's just too bad thatXP-Pen G430 was not always the case. I suppose you're getting what you pay for when it comes to the responsiveness of this stylus.

The stylus came with two programmable buttons that can be programmed using the drivers that you(hopefully) downloaded from XP-Pen's site. These are basically the surrogate express keys for the XP-Pen G430 since the tablet itself has no express keys of it's own. Programming the buttons was fairly easy but there was sometimes a slight lag when I tried to use them. It wasn't extremely bad but it was enough to be noticeable and sometimes stopped me from using the buttonsXP-Pen G430 altogether.

A good feature of this stylus is that it does not require batteries or charging to be able to draw with. XP-Pen is starting to push these pens out with all their graphics tablets and it's a welcome addition in my book. The absence of a battery has made the pens a bit lighter but it's not very noticeable and I think it actually makes the pens glide better across the surface of the tablet.

Art's Assessment

The XP-Pen G430 is a small little graphics tablet that admittedly packed more punch than I was expecting, but was still lacking in a few areas.

The tablet had an active area of 4.0 x 3.0 inches, making it very small but also making the tablet very portable. It was also very thin which made it easily store-able but also fairly easy to be broken or cracked. There were no express keys on the XP-Pen G430, so you XP-Pen G430won't be able to access those quick shortcuts on this tablet.

The stylus that came with the XP-Pen G430 came with 2048 levels of pressure, but iffy responsiveness. It jittered and lagged at times when drawing enough that it was worth mentioning. The pen had two programmable buttons which serve as surrogate express keys for the XP-Pen G430 and could be programmed using the tablets drivers. The stylus also required no batteries or charging which means you can just pick up this stylus and begin drawing to your hearts content.

The XP-Pen G430 is a good graphics tablet for artists that want a tablet to learn how to draw on a computer with without having to break the bank. Seasoned tablet users may want to go with something a little more robust, however.

3.6 out of 5.0 – Average

One thought on “XP-Pen G430 Review”

  1. RJM says:

    I’ve been using this tablet for a year now, and I have been very eager to mention an issue that is slowly rendering it unusable. This is following moderate-to-heavy use for a total of ~100 hours.

    Whenever I reach the higher end of the 2048 pressure levels, the nib of the pen will etch a groove into the tablet’s surface. This wasn’t too much of an issue for the first 20 hours, but I have now found myself avoiding entire areas of the screen. The pen movement is wildy different to my hand movements in affected areas.

    The scratches are shallow but throw off the calibration of the pen. It can bend perfect lines and creates awful jaggedy jitters. Deeper grooves can also catch the nib of your pen and misguide it. It is now becoming unusable.

    However this is the only qualm I have that isn’t mentioned. This tablet has helped me jump back in to digital art after a long break, and I didn’t break the bank for a skill I wasn’t sure I could pick up again. It’s helped me progress and feel comfortable enough in my drawing ability to now invest in a higher quality product.

    Don’t expect professional quality or more than ~2 years of good use. However, this is PERFECT for beginners!

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